Co-Pilot presents at the Euronanoforum

Co-Pilot presented at the 8th International Conference Euronanoforum, held from 21-23 June 2017 in Valetta, Malta.

Co-Pilot partner Professor Valeria Nicolosi, Trinity College Dublin, showed in her key-note lecture that academic nanotechnology research can have direct practical applications.

Maurice Mourad of Co-Pilot coordinator TNO, debated about how pilot lines can benefit from working together in a European network.

Aike Wypkema of Co-Pilot coordinator TNO, outlined the highlights of the Co-Pilot pilot lines in a 3-minute pitch.

Co-Pilot partner Guillaume Pierre, Sonaxis (F) brought a live version of the on-line probe that simultaneously measures nanoparticle size, solid concentration and nanoparticle density of colloidal nanoparticle dispersions.

Co-Pilot partner Jan-Philippe Wiederrecht, CEPA (D) presented their upscaled centrifuge which makes the large scale production of nanoparticle dispersions much more efficient.

Co-Pilot partner Ioniqa (NL) presented their nanoparticle-based catalyst for the circular PET recycling.

Co-Pilot partners Fraunhofer ISC (D) and Nabaltec (D) present LDH-clay based polymeric composites with fire retardant properties.

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