Workshop “Nanotechnology Crossing Borders”

Totally 115 people attended the workshop “Nanotechnology Crossing Borders” that was organized by Co-Pilot on 28 September 2017. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The Brightlands Chemelot Campus plays an important role in the structural development of the EURegion. The aim of the workshop was to present the Co-Pilot project and infrastructure to the region and present the structural collaborations that are established already both regional and interregional.


Words of welcome from the director of Brightlands Chemelot Campus (left picture above) and the Director of Brightlands Materials Center, Marnix van Gurp (right picture above). The Brightlands Chemelot Campus and Brightlands Materials Center play an important role in the structural development of the EURegion. Both have committed to support the continuation of the Co-Pilot pilot infrastructure after the finalization of the EU H2020 grant.

Dr. Zeger Vroon speaks about the market potential for special nanocomposite polymers in renewable energy applications, e.g. PV solar panels (left) and Dr. Pascal Buskens speaks about the market potential for nanoparticles and nanocomposites for carbon dioxide conversion and valorisation (right). Nanocomposites for sustainable energy solutions (renewable energy like PV solar panels, catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion and valorisation) are the key targeted market area for the Co-Pilot pilot infrastructure.

Dr. Marlies van Bael of Hasselt University speaks about sol-gel chemistry and its potential applications, e.g. energy storage, batteries (left). Dr. Tim den Hartog of Zuyd University speaks about colloidal nanoparticle synthesis and potential applications, e.g. energy efficient windows in buildings (right).Hasselt University and Zuyd University have both engaged in a strategic partnership with TNO and the Brightlands Materials Center on the use of the Co-Pilot pilot infrastructure. Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland will financially support for this collaboration..

Nicole Meulendijks presents latest Co-Pilot results on high-precision nanoparticle and nanocomposite production (left). Felipe Wolf-Fabris presented the latest Co-Pilot results on nanoparticle integration into thermoplastic and thermoset polymers (right).

Jesica Rodriguez-Fernandez presents fascinating noble metal nanoparticle synthesis developments (left). Co-Pilot partner Kriya Materials gets congratulated on raising 3 million euro funding for roll-out of its product portfolio (right).

Dionne Klein of Zuyd University presents the potential of nanotechnology applications for healthcare applications (left). Martin Bennink of Saxion University presents the work on nanoparticles for antibacterial treatment of surgical gowns in healthcare (right).

Students from the universities present their poster.




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